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Bach, Carl Phillip Emmanuel (1714-1788)

Bach CPE

Die Israeliten in der Wüste (Wotq. 238)

#15 Gott sieh dein Volk im Staube liegen”                     

Bass, fagott, strings, continuo 

Im Verlag des Autors, Hamburg, 1775, and Eulenberg 10018, pp 90-97.

and collected works of CPE Bach; Ed. RL Sanders, Packard Humanities Institute, 2008, pp 58-63.

Published by Bruce Gbur, info@prairiedawgpress.com


CD Azzolini et al (modern instrument) Sony Classical 88697932412, CD 1, track 8


YouTube (baroque instrument):



Auferstehung und Himmelfahrt Jesu (Wotq.240)

#15 Willkommen, Heiland! Freut euch, Väter           

Bass, solo fagott, strings, continuo

Breitkopf score 1787, part 2, pp 77-88.



Eulenberg 10013 pp 106-127.

CD Azzolini et al (modern instrument) Sony Classical 88697932412, CD 1, track 4


CD Herreweghe P (baroque instrument) Virgin Classics 0777 7590692 9 track 15

CD Kuijken S, (baroque instrument) Hyperion B0000888, track 15.





An eighteenth century transposition of this aria a half tone lower in G, was made

at the time of a Vienna performance in 1788 directed by Mozart.

The score and parts of this version are held at Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, Wien.

(A Wgm III 14232).

See: Holschneider A.  Mozart Jahrbuch 1968/70, pp 264-280.


Dank-Hymne der Freundschaft H 824e

#9Schon schimmern durch graulichte Nebel”                                              

Tenor, fagotto obbligato, strings, continuo

#14h. Choral “Du gibst den Menschen Brot und Wein”       

Alto, tenor, flauto 1, flauto 2, fagotto and violoncello solo (unis)

Collected works of CPE Bach; Works for Special Occasions 1, pp 30-35 and pp 70-71.

Ed U. Leisinger, Packard Humanities Institute, 2006


Passion according to St Matthew (1769)

#28 Duet Muster der Geduld und Liebe”                            

Soprano 1&2, flauto 1&2, fagotto 1&2, strings, continuo                            

#33c. Wie froh wird mir der Anblick sein”                           

Bass, 2 bassoons, strings, continuo                                                            

Collected works of CPE Bach   pp 111-128, 161-165

Ed U. Leisinger, Packard Humanities Institute, 2008.

CD Koopman, ORF Edition Alte Musik, 316, 2002; CD 2, tracks 6 &13. 


The latter two works were retrieved in the collection of the

Sing-Akademie zu Berlin SA 581, held in Kiev from 1945-1999.


Wolff C “Recovered in Kiev...” Notes 2001; 58: 259-71

Grimsted PK “Bach is back in Berlin” http://www.huri.harvard.edu/work7.html