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Bach, Johann Christian (1735-1782)

Bach JC                    Portrait by Gainsborough                                                            

Alessandro nell’Indie “S’è ver che t’accendi di nobili ardori”  

Tenor, fagotto obligato, 2 horns, strings.

Garland Publ.1984, pp 63-75.




Catone in Utica

“Per darvi alcun pegno d’affetto il mio core”  

Tenor, oboe solo, fagotto obligato, 2 horns, strings.

Garland Publ.1984, pp 67-76.


Temistocle  “Non m’alletta quel riso fallace”                

Tenor, fagotto obligato, 2 oboi, 2 horns, strings.

Garland Publ. 1987, pp 72-85.

The RTF recording from the production from Leipzig and Toulouse,

April-May 2005, (Les Talens Lyriques, Christophe Rousset, Söderberg)

uses a shorter version of the aria than published by Garland.

YouTube:(+ 1.10 min)

This recording from a live performance, is not well balanced for the obbligato part



Orione  “Se volete eterni Dei”

Soprano, 2 vln, fagotti obligati, continuo   

From “Favourite songs from the opera call’d Orione” London 1763.

Garland Publ. 1989, pp 230-233


Amor Vincitore (Recit and Aria)

“O fonte, o bosco, o monte”; “Queste selve gia d’amore”    

Soprano, obbl. flute, oboe, clarinet and fagotto, strings, horns, continuo.

Garland Publ. 1987, pp 79-138


Lucio Silla  “Seal generoso ardire”

Tenor, obbl. oboe, horn and fagotto, strings, continuo.    

Garland Publ, 1986, pp 55v-64v.


Amadis de Gaule "Aimes vous, aimons nous"

Trio, 2 sopranos, tenor, orchestra

Score on-line, Act 3, pp 306-312



Favourite Songs Sung at Vauxhall Gardens

“Ah why should love with tyrant sway”, (First collection 1766, pp12-16)

Soprano, fagotti, orch.                                        

“Smiling Venus goddess dear”, (Second collection 1767, pp7-10)

Soprano, fagotti, orch.                                                 

“Cease a while ye winds to blow”, (Third collection, 1771, pp18-22)

YouTube (+4.25 min):


Soprano, fagotti, orch.                                                 

Facsimile Edition, Richard MacNutt, Tunbridge Wells 1985

Also Garland Publ. 1990 Collected Works, Vol 25,  First-third collections, pp 207-270.

CD Hungaroton, Németh, HCD 31730, tracks 4, 6, 12.