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Boyce, William (1710-1779)


Solomon: a serenata

“Softly rise, O southern breeze”, Recit, air and chorus      

Tenor, SATB, solo bassoon, two oboes, strings, continuo.

Musica Brittanica Trust LXVIII William Boyce.

Ed. Ian Bartlett, Stainer and Bell, London 1996, pp 83-103.

CD Parley of Instruments Goodman Hyperion CDA66378 track 22


YouTube: (Sally Jackson)



The King shall rejoice: Anthem for the Georgian court.

Aria “Harken O daughter”             

Tenor, solo bassoon, strings, continuo.

Recent Researches in Music of the Baroque Era

Vol 8, A-R Editions, Madison, Wis. pp 71-82.