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Haydn Joseph (1732-1809)


A "Neue Arie mit obligater Begleitung von Oboe und Fagott"

is mentioned in the program of a Haydn benefit

concert in London on 16 May 1791.

The details of this aria remain to be rediscovered.


Opera Philemon et Baucis or Jupiters Reise auf die Erde, 1773
“Dir der Unschuld Seligkeit”,
Soprano, solo bassoon (unis ‘cello), oboes, horns, strings
G Henle Verlag, München 1971, pp 101-109.
Reset as #46 in Il Mondo della Luna, 1777


Opera Il Mondo della Luna, 1777
#12 “Begli occhi vezzosi dell’ idolo amato”
Soprano, 2 oboes, 2 bassoons, horns, strings 




#46 “Se la mia stella si fa mia guida”
Alto, solo bassoon, oboes, horns, strings. (similar to aria from Philemon et Baucis, above)        
G Henle Verlag, München 1979, pp 98-109 (vol1), pp 340-349 (vol 2).
CD: Haydn operas Vol 2 Dorati, Phillips 473 851-2 CD 8.10, CD 9.22 (see link below)





Opera L’Isola Disabitata, 1779
Finale “Sono contenta appieno”
Quartet solo SATB, obbligato violin, cello, flute, bassoon
CD: Haydn operas Vol 2 Dorati, Phillips 473 851-2 CD 7.9


Score: D-Dl : Sächsische Landesbibliothek - Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden Shelf No.: Mus.3356-F-524 (Manuscript) RISM ID/AN: 210.097.445


Opera La fedeltà premiata, 1780
Act 1 # 20 “Deh soccorri un infelice”,
Alto, solo bassoon, horns, strings
G Henle Verlag, München 1968,
pp 165-177 (E flat major), 178-190 (F major)
It is unclear whether the obbligato part at bars 55-63 is for bassoon
or horn, an octave higher. The Henle edition indicates bassoon, the Dorati
recording uses horn. (See Haydn and La fedelta premiata. Porter A
The Musical Times, April 1971; 112: 331-5)
CD: Haydn operas Vol 1 Dorati, Phillips 473 851-2 CD 4.2 (see link below)




Opera, Orlando Paladino, 1782 

Act 2, Duet, Eurilla, Pasquale “Quel tuo visetto amabile”

Soprano, tenor, bassoon, strings



CD: Haydn operas Vol 1 Dorati, Phillips 473 851-2 CD 7.7.


Opera Armida, 1783
Act 3 #2  “Torna pure al caro bene”
Soprano, solo flute, solo bassoon, strings
G Henle Verlag, München 1965, pp 269-276.
Keyboard reduction, Editions Viento EV 723
CD: Haydn operas Vol 1 Dorati, Phillips 473 851-2 CD 2.13





Aria “Pietà di me”.
Two sopranos, tenor, solo engl. horn, solo horn (high!!), solo bassoon, strings.                     
Doblinger, Diletto Musicale 250 
CD:  Sutherland, Dennis Brain, 1956 Bella Voce BLV 107.001, track 4,
YouTube: http://www.google.com.au/#q=Haydn+Pieta+di+me&hl=en&source=univ&tbs=vid:1&tbo=u&ei=mCTRS9XmINCHkQWJ87WhDA&sa=X&oi=video_result_group&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CBEQqwQwAA&fp=fa2bf642f8b4518a


Caecilien Mass, #3,  Hob XXII:5    Benedictus. 
SATB, oboes, bassoons, orchestra           
CD: Masses 1b and 3, Collegium Musicum 90, Chandos CHAN 0667, Track 16.


Cellensis Mass, #8, Hob XXII:8  Gloria: Gratias agimus tibi.
Soprano, SATB, oboes, bassoons, strings      
CD: Masses Nos. 5 and 8, Collegium Musicum 90 Chandos CHAN 0674, track 13.

YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU1Q7E5TIjA  (+1.40min)


Creation Mass, #13, Hob XXII:13  Credo: Et incarnatus est. 
Tenor, bass, SATB, solo organ, bassoons, strings.         
CD: Masses 11 and 13, Rilling, Hänssler Classic 98.279, track 17.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBps3qWnQUU&feature=PlayList&p=F77395496FFBF684&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=3  (+ 2.15 min)


Harmonie Mass #14 Hob XXII:14   Agnus Dei
SATB, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, orchestra
Haydn Masses (complete) Glover, Naxos 8.508009, CD 6, track 18.