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Hiller, Johann Adam (1728-1804)


Aria from Handel’s Messiah.  “If God be for us”.

(“Ist Gott für uns, wer kann uns schaden”).                   


Hiller altered this aria in 1786 by adding bassoon as obbligato

instrument. In 1789, Mozart replaced the aria by a recitative.

(see Pajot D 2007. The Double Reed 30; 75-79).


The Hiller version was retained by Breitkopf and Härtel in 1803

in “Der Messias, nach Bearbeitung von W.A.Mozart”

Stadtbibliothek zu Leipzig III, I, 31. 


Some nineteenth century scores include two versions, the

original Handel and the Hiller revision with bassoon.

eg Novello c.1850, strings only pp 253-256 with bassoon pp 257-260.

To date, there are no known published orchestral parts.


The Hiller version has been recorded by The Oratorio Society of

New York.  (Koch International SC 100 308 K3 2 CD.)