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Holzbauer, Ignaz Jacob (1711-1783)


Opera Hypermnestra (1741) act 1, scene 9.

“Was förchtet ihr meine beängstigte Sinnen”

Tenor, obl violone, obl fagotto, strings, senza cembalo

Meininger Museen, Sammlung Musikgeschichte, Max-Reger-Archiv, Meiningen

D-MEIr/ Ed 130d, XI 4765/V NHs 107


Incipits 1.20.1, 1.20.2

“Triumphos plausus”,  alto, fagotto solo, strings, horns (AWV Anh 17)

It is possible that this aria, pulished by Edition Molinari Regensburg,1998  

http://www.molinari.de/   Österreichiche Nationalbibliothek, Wien. Mus. Hs. 22470

was written by Holzbauer and not by Albrechtsberger.