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Mayr, Giovanni Simon (1763-1845)


Medea in Corinto Opera (1813) Act 1, scene 10,

“Lo ti lasciai piangendo” tenor, flute, bassoon, strings

Score on-line: Die Oper in Deutschland und Italien 1770-1830

http://www.opernprojekt.uni-koeln.de/  Act 1 pp 291-306

Sächsische Landesbibliothek - Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek

Dresden  D-Dl Mus.4104-F-505

CD Philharmonia Opera Rara CD 1, track 13



Sisara Oratorio (1793)

Part 1, Aria “Quercus annosa elata”

Soprano, solo oboe, solo bassoon, solo horns, orchestra

Part 2, Recitative “Pergite mecum”

Soprano, oboe, bassoon, orchestra.

CD Guild GMCD 7288/89, CD 1 track 14, CD 2 track 18



Tobiae matrimonium Oratorio (1794) Part 1 “Cedit ipsa”

Soprano, oboe, bassoon, orchestra

CD Naxos 8.570752-53 CD 1, track 19


YouTube (+1.45 min):



Fedra Opera (1820) Act 2, scene 10, “Se fiero”

Alto, bassoon, horn, orchestra

CD Oehms Classics OC 920 CD 2, track 16

CD Opera Rara ORR 244, track 9.



L’Amor conjugale Opera (1805) “L’oro ha un colore”

Bass, flute, bassoon, orchestra

CD Naxos 8.660198-99 Württemberg, CD 1, track 10


YouTube (+2.35 min):



Qui tollis, F, basso solo, fagotto obbligato, orchestra

Autograph Bergamo, LO11001441, no RISM listing

Score on-line on website below. Search Mayr and title of work.


Christe, F, tenore solo, fagotto obbligato, (or flute or clarinet obbligato), orchestra

Autograph, Bergamo, LO11002497, no RISM listing

The title page implies that the obbligato could also be for flute or clarinet,

but the score indicates only fagotto.

Score on-line on website below. Search Mayr and title of work.


Qui tollis, g, soprano solo, flauto e fagotto obbligato, orchestra

Autograph Bergamo, MSM0029241, RISM 850006263

Score on-line on website below. Search Mayr and title of work.


Gloria patri, Ab, soprano solo, alto, violino solo, violoncello o fagotto obbligato, orchestra

The annotation “o fagotto” for the obbligato part is a later addition on the cover label

Autograph, Bergamo, LO10998220, RISM 850006261

Score on-line on website below. Search Mayr and title of work.


Search Mayr and title of work on this link: