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Sarti, Giuseppe (1729-1802)


Didone abbandonata (1762)

Act 3, scene 6, Aria, Selene “Io d’amore oh dio mi moro”

Soprano, obl.oboe, obl. fagotto, strings

Garland Publishing, 1982, pp 190-199.

Danish State Archives DK-Sa RISM 150201284.


Fra i due litiganti (1782)

Le Nozze di Dorina

Terzetto “Oh che orrore che spavento”

Canto, tenore, basso, obl. clar, fag, cor, strings.

St.Katharinenarchiv, Brandenburg, D-BDk.

RISM 240000143.



From the  Allgemeine Musikalische Zietung from 18 April, 1804, p 482:

"Wir hörten Mad. Marchetti in einer Arie von Sarti mit Begleitung eines obligaten

Fagotts, geblasen von Hrn. Bärmann".  The identity of this aria remains unknown.