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Weber, Gottfried (1779-1839)

Weber G


Mass #2 in G op 28, Agnus Dei,

Soprano, fagotto solo, strings

Simrock, Bonn, 1828, pp 74-89

(Stadtbibliothek zu Leipzig, PM 6996)

There is a detailed description of this work in Die Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung 1818, 20: 766-78. (Agnus Dei p774)


Gottfried Weber was well known as a theoretician with interest and expertise in acoustics.

His writings on the acoustics of the bassoon were a stimulus to Almenraeder’s reforms

that led to the development of the modern German bassoon. This challenging obbligato

from about 1830 may have been a try-out for those reforms.


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Weber, Gottfried. “C. Almenraeder’s weitere Fagott-Verbesserungen”  Caecilia 9 (1828) 128-130.