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Zingarelli, Niccolò Antonio (1752-1837)


Per la tre Ore Dell'Agonia di Nostro Signor Giesu Cristo 

Alto, tenor, bass, SATB, solo fagotto, two violoncelli, contrabass

I am grateful to Paolo Tognon and Massimo Data for bringing this work to my attention.

Library source: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz D-B/ Mus. ms. 23622, RISM ID 452522942

Full score on-line:


In recent performances, including the current YouTube link, this work appears to be mistakenly attributed to Jommelli. In addition to the references below (1,2), the style of instrumental writing suggests that it must have been written after Jommelli died in 1774.

See:   1. Hochstein, Wolfgang Die Kirchenmusik von Niccolò Jommelli, Olms 1984, pp 229-230.  2. Marx-Weber, Magda Musiche per le tre ore di agonia di N.S.G.C. Die Musikforschung 1980, p 156, Nr. 9.

CD: Ensemble vocale e strumentale dir. Roberto Gini, Massimo Data, fagotto.   Nuovo Era, tracks 3 -17.

YouTube links to the recorded performance:

1. Pater dimitte illis


2. Amen dico tibi


3. Mulier ecce filius tuus


4. Eli, Eli lama sabactàni


5. Sitio


6. Consummatum est


7. Pater, in manus tuas commendo