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Heinichen, Johann David (1683-1729)



The picture shows Heinichen conducting the Dresdner Hofkapelle at the 

marriage festivities of the Prince Elector of Saxony in September 1719.


Missa Nr 9 in D, Crucifixus               

Bass, violin, fagotto, continuo,                                                

Carus Verlag, 2003 27.048/03

CD Carus 83148, track 19


Litaniae pro Festo Corporis Domini

Aria “Peccatores te rogamus”,

Tenor, bass, three bassoni, continuo

Sächsische Landes-Staats-und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden.

D-Dl Mus. 2398-D-30

A modern setting of this work is presented with permission from the

Sächsische Landes-Staats-und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden - link.


Magnificat Nr 8 in Bb, “Fecit potentiam”

Two solo basses, SATB, 2 solo fagotti, oboes, strings, continuo

Johann David Heinichen, Selected Music for Vespers, Recent Researches in the Music

of the Baroque Era, vol 161, A-R Editions, Middleton, Wisconsin, 2010, ed M. Williams, pp 194-208.

Sächsische Landes-Staats-und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden, D-Dl Mus. 2398 D-25


Opera: Hercules

Aria “Unglücklich in der Liebe”

Soprano, fagotto e viol, continuo

One of a collection (Nr 24) of “Teutsche Arien” by various composers.

Landesbibliothek Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Schwerin, Ref. Nr. 4716

A modern score and parts are reproduced here with the generous

permission of Ricardo Simian and Mélodie Michel, Basel