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Paër, Ferdinando (1771-1839)


La locanda dei vagabondi,  Opera 1792, PaWV 3
(Le astuzie amorosa)

Recit “Eccomi lieto alfine” and aria “Quanto giova” (Act 2, #15)
Tenor (Flaminio), bassoon, orchestra                                           
Score, Biblioteca Palatina, Parma, I-Pac RSM 1101
Piano reduction by Editions Viento EV 721


Laodicea, Opera 1793, PaWV 4
Aria “Ah che mi parla” (Svetonio) Act 2, #16b
Solo oboe, solo corno inglese, solo fagotto, orchestra
Score (Ms) I-Fc D.I. 505/506


L’oro fa tutto, Opera 1793, Pa WV 6
Aria Act 2, #22 “Or cosi amabile”  (Donn’Aurora)
Soprano, solo fagotto, orchestra

Sächsische Landes-Staats-und-Universitätsbibliothek, Dresden.

D-Dl Mus 4259-F-523 & 523a

Autograph score: F-Pn Ms.7630


Sofonisba, Opera 1805, PaWV 31
Act 2 Aria “Da tanto duolo” (Siface)
Tenor, solo bassoon, orchestra 
Aria “Vado a svenar” (Siface)
Tenor, solo clarinet, solo bassoon, orchestra
Autograph score: I-Mr
CD Sofonisba highlights, Opera Rara, Philharmonia, Guidarini, tracks 14, 15


Note that the role of Siface is omitted from the Vienna and Dresden versions of Sofonisba


Missa piena
Qui tolllis, STB, solo bassoon, orchestra
Autograph score: D-B Mus.ms.autogr. Paër 5.
CD Staatskapelle Dresden Kreile Carus 83.246, track 5



mp3 file

Eloisa ed Abelardo agli Elisi, Cantata
Aria “Incerto s’aggira e timido”
Soprano, solo fagotto, orchestra


Numerous versions of this cantata are set with piano reduction.

The version with obbligato fagotto is held at Biblioteca Palatina,

Parma, I-PAc, RSM 4678.

See: Bongiovanni, C. La fonti della musica vocale de camera di Ferdinando Paër

Fonti musicali italiene 2001; vol 6 :p 83.


Reference: Wolfram Ensslin, Chronologisch-thematisches Verzeichnis der Werke
Ferdinando Paërs (PaWV) Vol 1 Die Opern, Olms, Hildesheim, 2004.